High G Paint out on the curb

The contents of High G Paint Company (924 5th St NW) were emptied from the building out onto the sidewalk on Tuesday. A For Sale signed was posted with contact information for Reza Rofougaran of Stein & Associates.

When was the last time High G Paint was open for business? How big is the space and what future uses could you envision?

Hat tip: MVTResident

UPDATE (3/11/09 11:20AM): The building is for sale for $950,000. The 2010 property tax assessment is $869,360. The structure resides within the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    It has not been occupied in at least three years since I have lived in the area. And why would the “owner” be allowed to simply dump and leave the stuff on the sidewalk?

    In terms of use, how about a good, inexpensive nail salon. We totally need one for the women in the area.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    I’m not sure why the owner is allowed to dump junk out on the sidewalk. Especially in this case where the previous tenant shuttered doors 3 years ago and it’s obvious they won’t return to claim their goods…

    I know I’ve objected to hair/nail salon uses at City Vista before. That’s mostly because the City Vista space along K Street with it’s 22 foot ceilings, large glass windows and wide sidewalks was intended for restaurants. That would be like settling for a single when you can hit a home run. However for a property like this 924 5th Street location I think those uses are completely appropriate.