Ledo building is swiss cheese

There was some recent buzz at PQLiving of a possible late spring opening of Ledo Pizza at 433 Mass Ave. A few Triangle residents had serious doubts regarding this heresay. Ledo Pizza has no posted permits or signs of construction activity.

I’ve dug around a little deeper to learn details about the building’s condition. The Mass Ave fronting facade appears to be in reasonable condition (for a vacant) to passers-by. However the rear exterior of the building is missing entire walls leaving the structure open to the elements and basically little more than a shell. Any future build out would not simply be to customize the interior to suit the business use. Substantial construction work is also needed to make the structure complete and the building inhabitable. Difficult to accomplish when financing has dried up.

With the amount of equity and effort that would need to be invested to turn this shell into a Ledo Pizza it is easy to wonder why the owner did not sell. Also questionable is the choice of business. Pizza franchises need delivery service to be viable. Where would Ledo’s delivery drivers park? Restaurants produce lots of waste however the rear of the building is only accessible by a roughly 3 foot wide walk way. The plan seems doomed to failure. Unfortunately demolition by neglect may be a more likely outcome than the signature Ledo square pizza pies…

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    I read in the Post a few years ago about how the developers offered the owner millions for that tiny piece of property. Under advisement of his lawyer, he held out for even more money. The developer finally gave up and built around him. Now there isn’t really much you can do with the land. You can’t help but laugh a little bit at the situation.

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    I think it is a shame that building owners are allowed to let their buildings deteriorate — demolition through neglect. I checked with DCRA and DDoT and the building’s building permit has expired and they shouldn’t have the fence in front either. And how were they allowed to destroy the sidewalk in front of the building? I wonder if our Mt. Vernon CID is on top of this and doing anything about it?

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    The building should be condemned and demolished before it becomes a drug/prostitution den, if it hasn’t already.

  4. 6

    fourthandeye says

    The Ledo Pizza on Columbia Pike in Arlington delivers. Maybe some don’t but it isn’t a universal rule.

  5. 7

    Anonymous says

    I’m surprised that Ledo Corporate would still maintain that there is going to be a restaurant open in that location this spring. I wonder what is up with that?