Updated Design for 2nd and Mass Park

Last night a meeting to discuss improvements to DPR Park 1089 at the confluence of 2nd, Mass and H Street was held. Attendees included residents from the Sonata and Madrigal Lofts, two officers of the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association, MVT CID executive director Bill McLeod, Daniel Conner from Tommy Wells office, several organizers from Casey Trees, and a representative the Department of Park and Recreations (DPR).

The focus of the meeting was to unveil the new DPR design for the park and details for the Casey Trees sponsored community planting on Friday, March 27th (sign up).

Click to enlarge; rendering from Dept of Park & Recs (DPR)

The most significant change from the July 2008 Design was the change in tree species. The plan no longer calls for transplanting the River Birches from the Art Walk as those trees would require irrigation. The new landscaping plan focuses on “weed trees” like Ginkgos and Chinese Elms.

Phase I – Spring 2009

  • Casey Trees will plant 34 new trees with volunteers from community and Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Two existing Japanese pines and one Golden Rain tree will remain
  • Forsythia surrounding the Golden Rain tree will be removed.
  • Seasonal flower bed will be planted (May?)

Phase II – Fall 2009

  • Pavement will be repaired
  • Benches, bike racks and trash cans will be relocated from Art Walk
  • Art Walk lighting planned to be relocated, but needs to be cut down from towering 25″ parking lot scale to a pedestrian scale.

Phase III – TBD

  • Louis Dreyfus Property Group, the I-395 Air Rights developer, has expressed interest in contributing funds to enhance focal point of park (fountain, statue, etc…)

Please consider volunteering for the Casey Trees community planting on March 27th.

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