Vagrants drink more than Malt Liquor

During the December MVSNA meeting in which Good Libations single serve moratorium exemption was endorsed a prevailing theme was that vagrants only buy cheap malt Liquor. Good Libations owner Ronny Greene convinced some MVSNA members that the mid-scale singles he sells are not what vagrants seek out. This is a fool hardy a premise. I have consistently seen midscale beers littered around the Mount Vernon Triangle.

Last night coming back from Gallery Place I walked past 3 Heinekens in tree boxes. This morning I brought my camera with me on a quick walk to Safeway and snapped photos of beer and liquor bottles littered throughout the neighborhood. Keep in mind how bad this could be if the MVT CID team did not employ a clean team that picks up trash 7 days a week.

One trash can in the Triangle park at 5th & I had an additional 3 Heinekens. Public drinking is not purely a malt liquor issue.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    I have seen this as well. And now I’m seeing an increase in public drinking along 5th Street around Subway. Go figure.

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    You must have studied under Dr. Gil Grissom, (CSI- Vegas). By simply taking pictures of discarded beer and liquor bottles you deduced it was Vagrants who discarded them.
    Can you also tell us the age, weight, sex, race and BMI of these Vagrants?

  3. 3

    Sam Farmer says

    You really are stretching the point here. Do only vagrants leave bottles on the ground?

    I think its more likely the higher end alcohol is being drunk by people heading to the clubs on NY Ave.

  4. 4

    fourthandeye says


    1) Heineken is not high end no matter how anyone tries to spin it. It’s midscale at best 2) I’ve seen and photographed heinekens at the homeless hooker campground in the sunken terrace at the vacant CAAB building. But I guess it’s just club goers putting those heinekens next to their blankets.

  5. 5

    Anonymous says

    Sorry Sam — you clearly don’t live in MVTriangle on 5th Street. Some of the vagrants drink these bottles but most of the public drinkers are simply using our sidewalk as a public bar much as they were doing to Chinatown Liquor at 6th and H before the singles ban. And it is oh so lovely to also watch them use our public space for their toilet after they drink a bottle. Also, many of the guys that live in the nearby shelters (but are dressed fine) buy their alcohol there. And — I regularly see the guys that spend their days drinking at the Building Museum walking up to 5th and K to buy their liquor. These are the facts guys. As much as you want to say that this doesn’t impact the folks living on this street, you are simply wrong, wrong, wrong.

  6. 6

    Anonymous says

    I agree with Sam, I don’t think it was Vagrants. But does it matter if it was Vagrants, Condo owners or some Hippster? Whom ever it was didn’t care.

    Were these singles? Anon 9:06 said they are purchased at the store at 5th and K. The ban on singles started on Feb. 9th for all of Ward 2 and 6. So if the store is still selling singles I think they need to be reported.

  7. 7

    Jeremy says

    It’s a big city folks, liter is going to happen. Trying to ban local store owners from carrying things only hurts the local store owners. People are going to liter no matter what. News flash, vagrants/hipsters/everyone else can buy beer in 6 packs too. Have a sense of community, if you see some liter, pick it up, if you see some one littering don’t take a picture of it, call them out, or call the cops. If you see some one drinking in public, call the cops. And stop trying to hurt local businesses, one last time , you live in the big city now, liter happens! Taking pictures and blaming stores that are part of your community is passive aggressive and damaging to local store owners. Don’t blame the stores for a persons actions. The problem isn’t what people are selling it’s the people that are physically leaving this stuff on the ground.

  8. 8

    fourthandeye says

    @Jeremy – I couldn’t disagree more. I wish you were at the March ANC6C Liquor license meeting and could have face to face told all those providing testimonial against H Street Liquors that “this is the big city litter is going to happen”. I’m sure the gentlemen who had come home to vomit and defecation on his front steps would love your attitude.

  9. 9

    Jeremy says

    So this is the liquor stores fault? That’s like blaming guns for killing people, it makes no sense. I’ve come home to worse things than vomit or crap on my doorstep, but I don’t blame a liquor store or what it sells for that. All I’m saying is if you move to the big city, somethings are going to happen. Hurting local business owners is not going to change the fact that you live in a huge metropolitan area. If you don’t want to see vagrants drinking, people littering etc etc..don’t live in a large city. And more importantly, be pro-active. Taking pictures and complaining online is no more the solution to this problem than trying to get liquor stores to stop carrying singles. Go out, pick up garbage when you see it (it takes less time to pick up garbage than it does to take pictures of it), call the police when you see people breaking laws. YOU live here too, be responsible, be pro-active and support local businesses, they are the foundation of any good community.

    And please people, stop pretending that stopping stores from selling single beers is the answer. We have a long way to go, but a little unity, a sense of community and even a small bit of understanding can go a long way.

  10. 10

    Anonymous says

    Oh brother, another misplaced shitty “guns don’t kill, people kill” analogy. I guess by your logic we should sell machine guns, tear gas and grenades to anyone who wants to buy them?

    These merchants are selling a regulated substance. Regulations evolve to address the issues surrounding the substance. These small business owners chose to enter a regulated industry and they are not victims.

  11. 11

    Jeremy says

    Using swear words to get your point across and trying to insult the commenter makes any point you may have had completely invalid. And only addressing one small part of my point doesn’t help either. And never guess at someone’s logic that you don’t know. I could use a million different analogy’s and all of them are correct, the problem has nothing to do with the substance or the seller, it’s the persons actually doing the acts that are the problem.
    I re-read my post and nowhere did I say or insinuate that the store owners are victims.I just said they are not the problem. I do not care if liquor stores sell singles or don’t, what I do care about is the area I live in and the well being of all in it, and obviously the problem has nothing to do with what quantity beer is sold in. Read it again, and then go do something positive to help the community you live in.

  12. 12

    fourthandeye says

    @Anon 14:17 and Jeremy – Let’s stay constructive and not mock people.

    You’re entitled to your opinion that the singles ban doesn’t address the root causes of the social issues. Regardless, it has been proven to achieve the desired results. Mount Pleasant has had the ban eight years with great success. When the ban was first instituted in 2000 the Mt P liquor licensees were both skeptical and upset at the increased regulation. By 2005 the licensees did a complete 180 and supported the ban voluntarily voting to extend it by five years. My stance on this subject is not just whimsical – it is an informed one supported by facts.

    I can't make sense of your assertion that the blog is lacking a commitment to unity and community spirit. Many members of the community have expressed appreciation to me for the promotion of our neighborhood through this blog. I attend several ANC & community meetings each month to advocate for our 'hood. I'll be volunteering my time at the tree planting on the 27th. You can disagree with my stance on the singles issue but it's ludicrous to suggest this blog or myself are not participating positively in the community.