Updated site plan for Mount Vernon Place

In early November I attended a PQNA breakfast meeting in which Sandy Wilkes and David Mayhood discussed the Mount Vernon Place project. From Wilkes we learned more details about the K Street office buildings while Mayhood profiled the typical MVT condo buyer.

At tonight’s MVT CID Marketing Committee meeting the Mount Vernon Place commercial leasing agent Meany & Oliver company should be in attendance. Their website has two marketing materials: a Mount Vernon Place overview and a document focused on the 300 and 400 K Street NW office buildings.

Click to Enlarge; image from Meany & Oliver flyer-mvp1.pdf

In this economy I don’t think anyone can answer when these projects will begin. What I find interesting is that this rendering does have changes from the masterplan on the Mount Vernon Place website. It reflects that 301 Eye Street will remain intact and that the current site of the Madrigal Lofts sales trailer will not be built on (will it eventually be a Church Square plaza?). I also notice that Mount Vernon Place contains one less site on K Street. Previously the lot immediately left of the 150,000 s.f. planned office was part of Mount Vernon Place. Lastly, we get another baroque inspired name, the Cantata, for the planned residential project on 3rd Street.

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    PQS says

    Not bad considering the economy. I can’t wait for the residential units in lot #6 to be built. I’m tired of look at a big white wall and a dirt parking lot. Did they mention if it would be apartments or condos?

    As for Church Square, I wonder if their partnership with the two churches went sour.