You just missed your exit

I’ve commented about this before but never had the picture needed to seed a full blog post discussion.

The sign for the Massachusetts Ave NW exit from I-395 isn’t visible until it is far too late to matter. As a resident you learn where the exit is and the poor signage is of little consequence. But friends, family and other visitors cruise right past the Mass exit without noticing then dump out onto New York Ave where they can only turn right. At this point their printed turn-by-turn directions become useless and your cell phone receives a frantic phone call…

The photo is courtesy of Si Kailian from the MVSNA. I’ve been looking around for a photo like this one for awhile but didn’t want it quite badly enough to take a picture while driving. The Inauguration’s half day conversion of I-395 into a pedestrian walkway produced this rare photo opportunity.

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  1. 4

    PQS says

    I always tell my guests to look for the Senate exit and take the one after that. I don’t even tell them what it is b/c it doesn’t matter.

  2. 5

    Anonymous says

    When you’re driving in the tunnel, it looks as if there were are supports for existing signage that may have hung down from the ceiling. Similar to the signage for the 2nd street NW exit (when going north). I’ve seen these supports in both the north and south tubes. I’m wondering if at one time proper signage did exist for the Mass Ave exit, but some truck tore it down, and the city just never replaced it.