Google updates satellite images

ImagineDC noticed that Google Map’s satellite images now include Nationals Park. The update extends to the Triangle below as City Vista and Madrigal Lofts now appear as completed buildings.

The new satellite images were taken prior to September as the buildings demolished on 3rd Street NW still appear in the photo.

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  1. 1

    Shaun says

    Yeah! We noticed this on Friday and today noticed that the Navel Observatory has been unblurred.
    JDland also posted about this last Friday.

    DC is always changing Google should snapshot it every year!

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    Notice that among all the brand-new imagery, the 1600-block of Pennsylvania Ave NW is still shown in all of its circa-2002 splendor?

    I mean, how long has it been since there was striped asphalt on that stretch of road?

    If you look at 17th street in that vicinity, that looks like the dividing line between “new” (summer 2007?) and “old” (~2002) photographs.