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    Anonymous says

    Me too! I’ve only owned a home (at Yale Steam Laundry) since the late spring, and I’ve already got petit jury duty. Is there such a shortage of viable candidates tbat they have to pick the two of us already? I didn’t even get the Welcome Wagon yet!


  2. 2

    PQS says

    It’s the one thing this city is very efficient with. I served (but was not picked) last week and my wife served on a two week long criminal trial in October. It’s an interesting experience. I will apparently be called up again in exactly two years to the month. Bring a good book, a laptop, and a lot of patients.

  3. 3

    boog says

    Yes, they put you to work every two years on the date. They don’t mess around, but I still have yet to be selected as a juror yet.

  4. 6

    Kimberly says

    Fortunately I got excused since they sent my notice a little too early–it was more like 10 months after I last served. Let’s hope they forget in a couple of months and I don’t get another notice for 2 more years!

  5. 7

    Tim says

    yes, mark your calendar. every two years henceforth on this date, you will be called. and don’t forget about the feds! they call call on us too.

  6. 11

    Anonymous says

    And don’t forget Grand Jury… six weeks @ five days/week, 9-5. Great vacation from work.

  7. 12

    fourthandeye says

    Let’s hope I never ever get grand jury. I read up on my company’s policies and they say they only pay for two weeks of jury duty.