MVT Inauguration photos

I am a realist and conceded I wouldn’t be able to compete with other blog-o-sphere Inauguration coverage of the big day. What I have done is capture the day in the Mount Vernon Triangle (and surrounding area) in pictures. Road closures and charter bus parking aren’t as interesting, but hey, my ‘hood is my niche! =)

Lux Lounge on 600 block of NY

Big banner on Lux Lounge (649 New York Ave)

Mt Vernon Sq / Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square

Military vehicle stationed at 4th and K

Military vehicle posted at 4th & K all day

MLK / Obama shirts

MLK/Obama shirts sold behind National Portrait Gallery

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All in all the craziness didn’t spread much into the Triangle. Charter Bus parking didn’t spread beyond a few street segments: 1000 block of New Jersey Ave NW , 200 block of H Street NW and the K Street overpass over I-395. While one impromptu parking lot at 4th and L was packed the big lots on K Street remained mostly empty. Vehicle Access was limited greatly below Mass and in certain segments of New York Ave. The Convention Center area had extensive use of temporary guard rails and used several double decker buses to block off access points. A row of memorabilia tents were set up on the 600 block of Mass Ave at the parking lot owned by Gould. The photos I took down by D Street in Penn Quarter is where the large frustrated crowds who wanted to be on the parade route were centered.

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