On notice

The Triangle is in the heart of the Inauguration Charter Bus Parking Zone. Because notices have been posted throughout our streets issuing warning that idling will be subject to $500 fine. The notice states that idling will not be permitted more than 5 consecutive minutes if the temperatures are below freezing.

Notices have also been posted to declare a Prostitution Free Zone (PFZ) from 1/16/2009 to 1/25/2009. The zone spans 4th Street NW to 5th Street NW east to west and L Street NW to I Street NW north to south. The 10 day period is the maximum duration for a PFZ. The way it’s been explained to me that a PFZ is tantamount to an anti-loitering law and therefore has to be targeted rather than indefinite.

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  1. 1

    Jacquelyn says

    Even if the PFZ has to be for only 10 days, my family from out of town had a huge laugh at the idea that we have a sign that more or less says that prostitution will be more acceptable on the 25th of January.

  2. 2

    K at City Vista Resident says

    Ditto to what Jacquelyn said–I live within 2 blocks of the PFZ and it would be nice if this area was monitored and regulated as strictly as this 10 day period the rest of the year.

  3. 3

    fourthandeye says

    Believe me – you’re preaching to the choir. Even if it’s difficult to catch a prostitute ‘in the act’ I’m amazed the city is so accepting of the status quo. They should at a minimum being doing more to disrupt the hookers comfort level.

    I’ve worked in Rosslyn for 8 years and haven’t seen one obvious hooker there the whole time. Yet living in our area of DC you see the same crew of hookers nearly everyday.

  4. 4

    massysett says

    I thought buses could not be parked in residential areas–I guess condos don’t count?

  5. 5

    Anonymous says

    Buses idle right outside my window all day long, often until after 11 pm. Is this illegal or was that restriction put in place just for the inauguration? Thanks.

  6. 7

    Anonymous says


    Thanks a bunch! For the past year or so, I thought this was just part of the city noise you have to put up with.

  7. 8

    Anonymous says

    Chinatown bus idling this morning by the Mass and 6th park on Mass Avenue. Not only idling but blocking an entire lane of traffic. Do they EVER ticket in DC?????