DCNorth on SSM exemptions

Reporter Amanda Abrams from DCNorth has wrote a piece on Single Sales Moratorium exemptions in the publication’s January Edition.

Click to visit full article which is on page 3

Amanda Abrams was given my contact information and a link to our coverage but never approached me. It is clear she decided the story was big bad government being punitive towards small business owners. It also is perpetuating the idea that these liquor stores are just selling microbrews – how is a 22oz Corona a microbrew?

In fact, I find the subtitle of “Ethics and Exemptions” a bit confounding? Where is the Ethics argument? Is it when Rob Amos cites the need for objective criteria? Because Rob made that statement as an advocate against exemptions yet it was taken out of context by Amanda to suit her own slant.

From Rob:

It was pointed out to me that the article reads as if I were pro-exemption. That is far from the truth. It seems that the author took selective bits and pieces from the interview to give the story a pro-exemption, pro-small business slant. I was one of the few who voted against the Good Libations exemption at the MVSNA meeting and my “objective” comment was in regard to using the same set of rules and standards against other businesses as they did Good Libations. Since you can’t discriminate on the types/brands of beer sold, then the same standards that applied to Good Libations to give them their exemption have to also be applied to B&M to grant their exemption request by the neighborhood association.

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  1. 1

    Cozmot says

    Characterizing Amanda Adams as a “reporter” is quite generous, because she is not. Introduction to Journalism specifically calls for reporters to seek out multiple sources for viewpoints and interpretations to report on a news story. Instead of reporting, Adams presented a viewpoint. A student on a high school newspaper would have been given an “F.” Amanda, as a former high school teacher, I hereby give you an “F.”

    Because Adams presented a biased viewpoint, particularly with her deceptive lead-in, she probably has a promising career on Fox News Channel.

    Meanwhile, we will have a single-server merchant in the neighborhood, Good Libations, thanks to the failed leadership of the MVNSA and ANC 2C.

    I’m hoping that people like me who oppose all single sales will not patronize any merchant who engages in it. Good Libations, I will never cross your threshold, your “wine tastings” notwithstanding.

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    I respect your right to have this viewpoint on “single sell”. I don’t agree because WholeFoods sell singles, so does Yes Organic Market. I think these stores are great.

    “I’m hoping that people like me who oppose all single sales will not patronize any merchant who engages in it.”

    So you don’t shop there, right?


  3. 3

    Cozmot says


    This is a silly argument, and you know it. The ban applies to liquor stores, where the problems of public drunkenness stem from.

    While I don’t shop at either of the two you mentioned, if they’re covered by the ban and they seek an exemption too, then I guarantee you that I’ll never patronize them.

    Any other questions?