WaPo: Inaugural rentals begging for takers

David Nakamura of the Washington Post writes that Inaugural rentals begging for takers.

When Tim Tate heard that a neighbor had rented out his condo in the trendy Mather Studios in downtown Washington for $3,000 for inauguration week, he and his friends hatched a plan to rent out their own units and use the profits for a week-long jaunt to Morocco.

But nearly two months after listing his condo on an inaugural housing Web site (one bedroom, one bath, $2,000 for the week), Tate has gotten nary a nibble. Neither have his friends. He dropped the price twice. The only inquiry came from European parents who wanted to rent it for their daughter’s semester in the District.

“We all started to list, and then the silence ensued,” said Tate, a glass artist and founder of the Washington Glass Studio.

I remember shortly after the election the DC blogosphere was a flutter about opportunities for locals to rent their places on Craiglist for a one or two grand a night. My relatives in Connecticut even asked if I was doing it – so the claims of limitless rental opportunities must have made the Today Show or Oprah circuits… I thought the hype was overstated. Sure, some people likely did connect with renters but supply far exceeded demand.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    I tried to recommend some renters to a neighbor but they wouldn’t take the price the folks could afford ($200 a night). That person wanted way too much. They should have been grateful to have renters that a neighbor knew. Oh well — the condo rental was against condo policy anyway.

  2. 2

    Tim says

    yea, a complete sham. for $2000 per night, or even per week, i’d look for a hotel room. and supply apparently greatly outstripped demand.