Central Parking at 455 Mass

With tenants moving into 455 Mass the parking garage is now open. For the same price as a Subway footlong you can now get daily parking. Atleast for now…

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  1. 3

    Anonymous says

    15,000 sf of office space and 10,000 sf of retail space has been leased, so overall its approximately 10% of the entire building.

  2. 4

    Anonymous says

    A safety/parking question that I hope someone might be willing to address: how safe is the area around City Vista early in the morning (6:30-7:00-ish on weekends and 5:30-ish on weekdays)? I’d like to work out at the Results Gym located in that building, but I’m wondering about the safety level in the area at that time of the morning, (given that it’s still dark out at these times and that I’m a smaller person and female). I was going to take the metro and walk down from the Convention Ctr station or up from Gallery Place, but I’ll be walking alone with a gym bag and I’m not sure that’s an ok thing to do at those times in the morning. Would it be better to drive and just park on the street near the gym?

  3. 5

    fourthandeye says

    @Anon 15:12 – I’m rarely awake at 5:30am on a weekday. But I think you would be OK driving and parking on the street at those hours. Your personal safety shouldn’t be at risk. As for your car – try to park as close to the gym as possible and be sure not to leave anything of value (GPS, IPod, etc..) visible inside the car.