ANC 2C chaos

Wednesday night ANC 2C had it’s January meeting. Check out the recap and the fallout on the Lifein MVSNA blog.

ANC 2C has long been considered dysfunctional. Recently elected SMD 2C04 commissioner Theresa Sule campaigned on change yet nominated and voted to keep Doris Brooks as chair of the ANC.

For those unfamiliar with Doris, hears what MVSNA VP Si Kailian had to say:

Doris is not competent to be chair. period. She does not return phone calls, she does not read her mail, she has trouble attending meetings, she never writes her own letters and she never uses email. She does not share any information with the community or her fellow commissioners. This is absolutely unacceptable and I ask the 3 other commissioners, particularly ANC 2C04 Commissioner Sule – who nominated Commissioner Brooks as chair, voted for her, and thus ensured that she retained the leadership position – to please consider the will of the constituents of ANC 2C and find a solution other than what transpired tonight. We want representation, we want to know what is going on in this community and if the business of the Commission is flowing to Commissioner Brooks it stops there. We, including the Commission will be in the dark with no voice because we will never see a scrap of paper. Commissioner Brooks’ history is very clear.

Reading the recap it sounds like the resident who volunteered to conduct the election was so distraught she got up and left in the middle of it.

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