WaPo: A Towering Disappointment

The Washington Post is running an article today about The DuMont called A Towering Disappointment. While not mentioned by name, The District Chatter blog and it’s role mobilizing contract holders to seek counsel is alluded to.


A number of buyers who put down deposits in 2006 have sought refunds, under a contract provision that allows them to withdraw if their units are not ready within two years. Broadway’s attorneys, in a letter in May, blamed the delays on weather, the developer’s inability to quickly obtain construction permits from the District, and problems with Pepco and a window supplier.

“As you might expect, the Seller does not have in its files any statement from Pepco, the D.C. government or the window supplier acknowledging and taking responsibility for the delays,” the lawyers wrote. “Each of them would not wish to provide a paper trail leading to monetary claims which might be made against them.”

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    Cozmot says

    My heart goes out to all of you who got caught in this mess. And what a pity; the Dumont looks like a fabulous condominium building. I wish you all the best in getting your deposits back.