DuMont’s Mass Ave sidewalks reopened

Late last week (Saturday?) the Mass Ave sidewalks in front of The DuMont were reopened.

The DuMont’s Mass Ave frontage features two small u-shaped driveways in front of the condo entrances. I’m not a big fan of senseless curb cuts. However if they were doing this for symmetry with 400 Mass perhaps one larger consolidated driveway featuring parking for Zipcars, as the Meridian does, would have been more appropriate?

The sidewalk in front of Ledos (433 Mass) is still not open. So pedestrians must walk into traffic for 10 feet to go around the fence. There does not appear to be any suitable reason for the entirety of the sidewalk in front of Ledos to be closed off. No work is currently underway at the property and the on-site dumpster could be barricaded without blocking all the sidewalk. The condo board at 555 Mass has sent correspondence to the MVT CID and Tommy Wells office about this needless obstruction. Hopefully the fencing is adjusted this week.

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  1. 1

    DCRay says

    But what’s with the 4th St sidewalk? It was extended with tar after the brick portion was completed, looks pretty bad, especially since the curb is painted yellow. Not sure what that’s all about.

  2. 3

    Anonymous says

    It would be nice to walk my dog, walk to and from Tunnel and go to Union Station without having to cross Mass. Ave. I don’t understand the need for the chain link fence and also why this structure seems to have deteriorated so much since it was left unoccupied.