2008 Year in Review

This blog was born on January 28, 2008 as a DuMont contract holder using the pen name Mediocre Bad Guy aimed to build an online community of residents both present and future. Just three short days later a Madrigal Lofts resident using the pen name Madrigal Blogs became an author for the blog. Early postings talked of Architecture, buildings lost forever, DuMont rumors and Peapod grocery shopping.

In mid March I finalized my condo hunt and chose Madrigal Lofts to be my new home. I responded to Mediocre Bad Guy’s open invitation and joined the team. Other commitments have dramatically scaled back the involvement of our original two contributors to the blog. However since I took full adminstrative authority in June and commited to a frequent and dependable posting schedule the site traffic has more than tripled. I am also proud that and we’ve recently added Yale Loft’s resident SteamingMyLaundry to the team.

Below are some highlights from the year.

Open for Business

The Promise of More to Come

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

A few of my other fave posts

Stats via Google Analytics:

Top Referral Sites

  1. PQLiving
  2. DCist
  3. Life in MVSNA
  4. Renew Shaw
  5. DC Blogs
  6. Greater Greater Washington
  7. District Chatter
  8. DC Metrocentric

The Most viewed posts

  1. 5th & I Public Meeting recap
  2. 7th & Hell
  3. Safeway Flickr Stream
  4. Shattered Windows at City Vista
  5. MVSNA endorse Single Serve Moratorium Exemption (Most comments)

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    Anonymous says

    I read your blog daily. Thanks so much for your commitment to the neighborhood. While not a part of the CID as a 400 Mass resident, we are definately part of the community and certainly benefit from all the good things happening in the Triangle.