Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Before I take a brief hiatus I wanted to point out a posting on DCist today recapping an event Top Chef and Good Stuff Eatery owner Spike Mendelsohn had at the Sixth and I Synagogue Sunday night.

From now until sometime on Saturday I’m enabling the comment moderation feature. That means comments will not be posted instantaneously. I have no intention to censor anything but name calling or ‘why don’t you move’ comments. Please try to be constructive in comments about the Single Serve Moratorium and I encourage you to consider posting using an identity. A blogger or gmail account is not required. See the posting “How to be less anonymous” for tips.

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    si says

    Happy holidays to you too and thank you for all of the good discussion regarding the contentious singles issue.

    p.s. watch top chef! my friend Carla is on it and she rocks!