Grocery options

PQLiving tells us Balducci’s Really, Really NOT Coming To PQ, Really!

I know that some in lower PQ still prefer to have a closer option that the City Vista Safeway. Others just want more niche items and prepared foods. So far I shop primarily at the new Safeway but still make 1 or 2 small trips to Harris Teeter a month specifically to shop from their prepared foods selection. So I will be excited when the new Harris Teeter in at Constitution Square in NOMA opens in two years. The possibility of a Wegman’s in Hilleast (near RFK) sounds good too!

How many of you are shopping for Groceries exclusively at the Safeway?

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  1. 1

    RobA says

    I split my shopping between the City Vista Safeway and the Harris Teeter at Potomac Avenue. I like that Safeway is just a few blocks from the house and I can walk to it when I need to. I never thought of walking the same number of blocks to the Giant … and I haven’t shopped at that Giant since Safeway opened up. They’ve lost some of their customer service appeal since the first few weeks, but it is still better than the Giant.

  2. 2

    Kimberly says

    Since I live in City Vista, I’m loyal to my Safeway…although I make a trip to costco every 4-6 weeks to pick up some bulk items there…

  3. 3

    massysett says

    Produce quality in the Safeway is only middling, so I still walk 1.5 miles to Whole Foods rather than 3 blocks to Safeway for produce. But I do go to Safeway for other items on an ad-hoc basis, and while there I can sometimes get some produce too. But if I go in there expecting to get all my produce, invariably there’s something that’s just miserable.

  4. 4

    massysett says

    “I haven’t shopped at that Giant since Safeway opened up.”

    Oh man, I tried not to go in there before Safeway opened up. I saw at least three fights in the store. And you’re right, I haven’t been in there since Safeway opened. Safeway isn’t the best, but that Giant is certainly the absolute worst.

  5. 5

    fourthandeye says

    @Massysett – The only time I went to the Giant an SUV in the parking lot got t-boned and a fight broke out. At that I figured if I’m going to drive to a supermarket anyway mind as well be a nicer one…

  6. 6

    Anonymous says

    The City Vista store looks pretty but the quality of the offerings can’t be compared to either a Whole Foods or a Wegmans. It is a sad statement about Safeway as a company- either they underestimate the expectations of their local customers or they simply assume people are unwilling or unable to travel to purchase higher quality and generally more affordable items. Safeway, Giant, and Harris Teeter as companies are incapable of carrying the kinds of high quality items that Wegmans seems to effortlessly supply. We were so excited when that store opened only to be sorely disappointed and now only shop there when desperate. I’d love to see a Wegmans closer to the district, but I highly doubt that will ever come to fruition.

  7. 7

    pqresident says

    it’s all relative. a grocery store serves its surrounding community and our surrounding community has a huge spread of incomes and lifestyles. bear in mind that we don’t live in Spring Valley (upper NW) so not everyone who goes to the CityVista Safeway wants or needs Wegmans or Balducci’s. that’s not to stay striving for a high standard is unreasonable but the reality is that a step up from the O Street Giant may in fact be enough for 1/3 to 1/2 of the people who shop at the CV Safeway, i.e. the local customers. I’m am quite happy with the Safeway given the context in which it operates. and if I do feel disappointed, nothing prevents me from seeking a store that won’t disappoint me.

  8. 8

    Mr. Q says

    Agree w/ PQ resident…and it’s all about competition…I live a very short walking distance to the O St Giant but have not gone there since the Safeway opened…My hope is Giant is feeling the loss of customers and steps it up when and if CityMarket at O ever happens…

  9. 9

    Elizabeth says

    I recently moved to the area and one thing that drew me to the neighborhood was the City Vista Safeway. I will agree that the produce isn’t the best around and now that the local farmer markets are closed for the season, I will probably take the time to go to Whole Foods more often. But it’s hard to complain about selection or slightly higher prices when the location is so good!

  10. 10

    Cozmot says


    You shop at a new Safeway in your neighborhood out of desperation? To say that Safeway has no high-quality food items is overstating things a tad.

    All of the grocery stores in the area have strengths and weaknesses. Whole Foods has some great stuff, but this isn’t where you go for everyday items, such as laundry detergent. Their bread falls apart and doesn’t last long (more healthy!). Harris Teeter’s brands dominate the shelves at the expense of choice.

    Our new Safeway has a great bakery; have you tried their artisan breads? I’ve bought excellent meat there many times. Their deli has great cuts of meat, salads, etc. I don’t like their fish section because it doesn’t seem that fresh. I find their produce section very good.

    Now, shopping out of desperation is at the aforementioned Giant. It can be a dicey proposition.