Palace of Wonders

Looking to shake up the routine? Try the Palace of Wonders Showbar at 1210 H Street NE. While H Street NE is not served by Metro it is just a short 8 minute trip on the X2 Metrobus from the bus stop at the 2nd and Mass park.

Cookie boy calls it a trendy mix between a circus, Moulin Rouge, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Very accurate description. Last night the show I saw was called the Lucky DareDevil Thrillshow featuring Tyler Fyre and Thrillkill Jill. The act included sword swallowers, a contortionist, fire breathing, straitjacket escapes, a bed of nails, snake charming, and odd feats using a screwdriver and a chainsaw. What more could you ask for? Maybe midgets? Is Verne Troyer available?

Extracting a sword from Tyler Fyre (Palace of Wonders)

Tyler Fyre, Thrillkill Jill, a 27″ sword and an audience member

The Lucky DareDevil Thrillshow is scheduled at PoW again on Jan 24. Check out the schedule to see what others acts are coming soon.

Photo Credits: inked78 and jgmundie

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