Block Group 3, Census Tract 47

In order to better illustrate the value of the Downtown Neighborhood Survey I thought I would highlight the 2000 Census statistics for the Mount Vernon Triangle from’s American Fact Finder.

Most national and regional retailers rely on data from market research firms to make site location decisions. That market research data is typically heavily driven by the Census and aged/prorated in the intermediate years by factoring in growth in USPS delivery statistics. This method allows market research firms to keep pace with growth in population but cannot accurately capture the change in composition of a small area geography. Therefore growth will often be represented as more of the same.

Image from’s American Fact Finder

The geography unit in the map above is called a Census Block Group. The Mount Vernon Triangle falls entirely within Block Group 3 of Census Tract 47. The Block Group boundary goes east to 1st Street NW in some sections effectively including the Gales School and Golden Rule Apartments with the Triangle.

American Fact Finder will share Summary File 1 & 3 data although some data from these sources, like economic characteristics, are only returned for areas larger than a Block Group.

Click to enlarge; Stats from’s American Fact Finder

The top section of the statistics is Total Population which is divided into Population in Households and Group Quarters. Several different types of institutions qualify as group quarters including nursing homes, military, prisons, college, etc. In this case I’m assuming the Group Quarters population is from homeless shelters. The remainder of the statistics I included in the display are represented as Household counts rather than Population counts.

Many more interesting statistics are available on the American Fact Finder including that 67% of households were occupied by only person and the median monthly rent was $268. I would say the area continues to be comprised heavily of single person households but the rents sure have changed.

UPDATED: (12/14 2:35PM) – I found more Census 2000 statistics for this block group on

Click to enlarge; Stats from

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    The 2010 census will improve these dreary statistics. Hopefully local retailers have already seen the improvements made already.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    The 2010 census will help, but it takes time for the census to define new boundaries and compile the data. Market research firms will then need additional time to incorporate the Census data into their products. Data will be released in phases like population will come out somewhat quickly but economic data from the 2010 census may not be widely available until 2012.

  3. 4

    fourthandeye says

    Yes, things have changed alot. Some businesses have been bought out west of 6th Street like Hodges and A.V. But most of the change is simply adding density to under utilized land rather than displacement.

    The low income housing hasn’t been pushed out. More has actually been added such as Golden Rule Plaza which came online in 2003. Through infusion of development the area is becoming a mix of incomes rather than a concentration of low income it was at the last census.