Urban Turf: The Busboys and Poets Effect

The D.C. Real Estate website Urban Turf recently featured an article entitled Gentrification 2.0: The Busboys and Poets Effect.

The article makes several mentions of our 5th & K Busboys location. Several direct quotes from owner Andy Shallal are in the piece including:

“In the past few years, you have seen this sort of logarithmic change that has taken place, and I think much of it has been over zealous,” Shallal told UrbanTurf. “I think the idea of growing the city in a way that doesn’t have any connection with its roots or past is sort of short-sighted.”

“Gentrification can create a homogenized neighborhood; this obviously is not good for artistic and cultural growth,” he told UrbanTurf. “Culture and art exist in situations that have a healthy tension of diversity. Without this tension a neighborhood becomes bland and loses the personality that attracted people to it in the first place.”

Read More at Urban Turf

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  1. 1

    tom veil says

    Sorry, Andy, I didn’t move to Mt. Vern for its personality. I moved here despite its personality. I do not think that the old “personality” of parking lots and abandoned buildings is worth keeping.

  2. 2

    acquends says

    I read the article and despite it sounding like a blatant plug for City Vista, I did think it made some good general points in theory about what gentrification could potentially do. I don't know the history of the neighborhood well enough to comment intelligently, but I can say that I do get a commercial and not necessarily an authentic sense of neighborhood from B&P.