Big Green Monsters

They’ve been lurking in the Triangle for years, but they’re finally starting to gain attention.

My perch in the Steam Laundry tower gives me a great view of these behemoth road signs.

Despite what these Big Green Monsters suggest, and what some in City Government apparently believe, the Triangle is a neighborhood, not a highway.

The Big Green Monsters make drivers think they’re on an Interstate when they’re actually driving through a residential area. I can’t think of any other neighborhood where interstate signs like these are tolerated. Not only are they hideous, they practically beg drivers to speed and ignore pedestrians.

I’d be curious whether anyone knows if these are Federal Big Green Monsters, or whether DDOT has jurisdiction. Sensible, neighborhood-appropriate signage is fine, but I think it’s time for the Big Green Monsters to go.

Editor’s note: Three blogs covered this topic yesterday. It began with The Other 35 Percent where Cary Silverman wrote “A Yale Loft resident suggested to me a small measure that could go a long way in changing that perception among NY Avenue drivers: get rid of the big green signs.” That Yale resident Cary referred to is the Triangle’s own SteamingMyLaundry.

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  1. 1

    fourthandeye says

    One thing I find ironic is that the signage for I-395 on NY Ave is far more extensive than the signage within the I-395 Tunnel.

    NY Ave has 5 signs around the mouth of I-395. The Mass Ave exit within the I-395 tunnel has partially obstructed signage that isn’t fully visible until it’s too late to get into the proper lane. Several of my friends and a contractors that came to provide painting estimates missed the Mass Ave exit despite having Maquest instructions.

    Unless your already familiar with the tunnel the Mass Ave exit is easy to miss.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    If and when these Big Green Monsters are downsized I’d like to see Fourth Street cease to be referred to as “ALT 395″.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    Not only are these signs huge, but they appear to not get the job done anyways. Many a time have I sat behind confused drivers who are in the wrong lane when I want to go straight onto New York Ave. All that happens in congestion. For whatever reason, those signs instill some kind of panic in people and cause drivers to act like they like they’re jockeying for position in the Kentucky Derby.

  4. 4

    si says

    so right about that mass ave exit sign. at least they resurfaced the ramp, it used to be one helluva jarring ride.

  5. 5

    RobA says

    Hopefully, when the 395-Air Rights project is done and they re-align the Mass Ave entrances and exits, the signage will be improved. We’ll need to make sure that it is brought up at the next project review meeting.

  6. 6

    tom veil says

    The one on H St between 4th and 3rd needs to go, too, for the same reason. Whenever I cross there, half the drivers look as shocked as if I had tried to walk across the Beltway.

  7. 7

    Douglas A. Willinger says

    Put the signs inside the I-66 K Street tunnel (the option promoted by NCPC’s E. Rowe who opposed the earlier North Leg plan along Florida and U), instead of the status quo with the highway approaches effectively on the surface streets.

    That’s some planning that allowed the K Street tunnel to not be built simply to sped WMATA construction by a few months.

  8. 8

    Anonymous says

    I live in the neighborhood too, and have never been bothered by the signs. lol It’s a major road and turn off to the I-395 Tunnel. I guess the new Yale residents thinks this hurts their resale value?