Positively Fourth Street

This post isn’t about a Bob Dylan song or a World Series of Poker memoir. Instead it is a closer examination of the plans for a Two-Way Fourth Street NW within the Triangle. In past postings we have alluded to DDOT planned improvements for the street. With changes slated to begin in 2009 we felt it was time for a closer look.

click to enlarge; image from 2005 DDOT Studies

Fourth Street improvements include:

  • Restore two-way traffic from L Street to Mass Ave
  • New traffic light at Fourth and Eye
  • Removal of a traffic island on the NW corner of Fourth and Mass
  • Reconfiguration of the Fourth, Mass and H Street intersection
  • Redesign slip intersection of Third and H Streets
  • In long term, two way traffic restored between NY Ave and L Street

These improvements will promote safety for pedestrians by calming traffic speed and will reduce the appeal of the street as a I-395 alternate route. Additionally, because of the K Street and Fifth street overlays that prohibit/limit new curb cuts, the alley/garage traffic of new K Street Developments will funnel onto Fourth.

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  1. 1

    tom veil says

    Thanks! This looks pretty good, although I really wish that they would restore the flow of 3rd St across Mass — I have to cross Mass at 3rd every day, and I can assure you, the cars right now don’t seem to think that they have to stop there! Do you know who in the government I should contact with my suggestion?

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    Tom, it is a challenging intersection. You’ve got H Street, Mass Ave, 3rd and 4th Streets, plus I-395 ramps. I think 3rd Street will remain disconnected. I would suggest crossing at 4th and Mass instead of 3rd. Sometimes taking a slightly indirect route for a more comfortable walk is the better idea. The 300 block of Mass is very narrow and this detour shouldn’t add much time to your trip.

    I’m not sure of the best government official to contact with your suggestion. ANC commissioners frequently claim DDOT does not acknowledge their communications therefore I doubt the agency will be responsive to an out of the blue suggestion from a citizen. I suppose I would start with Tommy Wells office.