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An artist’s rendering of the entire Yale Complex, including “Yale West,” is now circulating among Yale East residents. Apparently, various community organizations approved the design at some point, but this would have happened long before anyone lived in Yale East (or the other new buildings in the Triangle, for that matter). The 211-unit “Yale West” portion will be rentals. When complete, it will give the Yale Complex approximately 370 units overall.

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Perhaps the most interesting feature is the proposed set of “live-work” rentals on the first floor along New York Avenue. “Live-work” units are designed to enable someone to operate a home business that needs street access. The resident would work in his art gallery, real estate brokerage, or whatever, and then live in the back. This is being pitched as a new concept, although it reminds me a lot of families who lived above their stores in colonial America.

Anyway, what do people think about the design? I can’t speak for other Yale residents, but I’m very happy. There’s enough space for light and air between the two buildings — the developer (IBG Partners) doesn’t propose to build the tallest section immediately adjacent to the historic buildings. And, although it’s different enough from the rest of the complex not to be dull, it’s similar enough to blend well.

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  1. 1

    fourthandeye says

    I really like the brick facade at the base of the Yale East tower. If the IBG could have incorporated that sort of element with Yale West while still introducing some variety to the West tower that might have been nice. Of course this is very subjective.

    Will Yale West have it’s own set of amenities? Or will the pool, gym, etc all be shared among the apartments and condos?

  2. 2

    david says

    I too like the brick bases on the east, but think the whole assemblage will be better without them on the west, especially if the new buildings are as retro, and as different from each other, as they seem in the picture.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    There are a few units in Logan Circle (on Church St) that are zoned as live/work and have walk in access directly from the street. They are used exclusively as living spaces though (as far as I can tell).

  4. 4

    Anonymous says

    Jonathan, my husband and I are looking to buy a condo in YSL and I am wondering how safe it would be to walk from either of the metro stops to YSL later in the evening.

    I noticed some of the units in the history building have alarm and bars on the windows, so I am concerned about the general safety of the area.

    I also checked TWP crime map and here was a homicide in the 400 block of NY Ave. Have you experienced anything while living there?

    Thanks in advance–