Rhee on Time, 5 day booze bender, and Silly Street names

I highly recommend the Time Magzine cover story of DCPS Superintendent Michelle Rhee [hat tip DCTeacherChic]

The D.C. Council makes news by passing emergency legislation to allow D.C. Bars and Nightclubs to Be Open 24-hours A Day for Inauguration Week. The Council also passed a gimic to rename the segment of South Capitol Street by the ballpark to “Taxation Without Representation Street.”

Paul Millstein of Douglas Development will be presenting tonight on the concept for Squares 450 and 451 at the ANC2C meeting. Millstein presented the concept, which the Triangle recapped, at the MVSNA meeting last month.

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    Anonymous says

    Our City Council are really good examples of “taxation without reprentation”. 24 hours of booze, and renaming streets… is there no end to their foolishness?