Temple Courts demolition

DCMud is featuring a post today called DC Makes Way for Northwest One. The post includes quotes from Mayor Adrian Fenty on the demolition of the Temple Courts housing project and the new plans for the area dubbed Northwest One.

The following is from a WaPo article on Temple Courts:

The brown-brick buildings of Temple Courts have failed federal housing inspections for years. Rats and bedbugs have taken up residence in some apartments, and the stairwells smell of urine.

The building and its environs have been a magnet for crime. Temple Courts and Sursum Corda served as catalysts for the New Communities program, after 14-year-old Jahkema Princess Hansen was fatally shot at Sursum Corda in January 2004. Days earlier, she had witnessed a killing at Temple Courts.

Violence visited again 10 days ago, when a 10-year-old girl and two adults were shot outside Temple Courts on Memorial Day.

In its original form, New Communities included a “vital” principle known as “build first,” which was designed to keep gentrification in check by keeping poor residents in place until multi-income housing was built around them.

The intended result: economically diverse neighborhoods where ghettos once stood.

Temple Courts and Sursum Corda are located just east of the Triangle’s New Jersey Ave border.

For more press on Northwest One follow these links:

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  1. 3

    Anonymous says

    Sursum Corda is still standing. I think there was some problem with the tenants not having enough notification time (but am not 100% sure on that).

  2. 4

    Anonymous says

    culture watch ponders:

    Whenever I read descriptions about the filthy deplorable un-police-able conditions at Temple Ct./Sursum; I get the impression some would pin this on the city(??)somehow? It’s as if it’s all to be blamed on some other alien life force?? God forbid anyoe blame or critique the lawless residents associated with the long-standing living hell??

    Yet we continue to hear… ad nauseum….all the buzz and concern we must have some massive welfare warehouse to replace what’s about to disappear?? What do we ever learn from these miserable billion-dollar mistakes???

    Mixed economies are the answer; and a critical balance of market rate housing is a blessing. Brace yourselves; it might upset the tradition of vicious crime and urine soaked elevators and hallways, however.

    Or is this some wonderful tradition we need to coddle and duplicate??

    If we ignore REALLY bad behavior long enough…does it become rich DC culture???

    Market rate housing and people who pay taxes have saved our formerly decrepit downtown district among other DC places.

    Denying this is akin to crapping in one’s own shiny loafers.

  3. 5

    Anonymous says

    Somewhat off topic, but does anyone know what happened in front of Museum Square on K Street last night. Tons of police cars out there with their lights on at about 2 a.m.

  4. 7

    PedsRDinDC says

    Sorsum Corda has a different legal satus than Temple Courts- the tenants also have ownership rights. The owner’s association has a choice to sell and leave or continue to own and have a right of return. They can’t come to a consensus about what to do.

    But I did drive by today and some them demolishing part of Temple Court.

  5. 8

    Horse says

    I Love Temple Courts!!! I lived there from 1985 – 2005, and believe it when I say it prepared me for everything life’s been throwing at me. Ask anyone who grew up there. It was a strugle, but going thru some of the things that went on there helps me cope with times like these.

    I swear I could write a book about it and u wouldnt believe some of the things we saw or went thru. Like people falling from the 10th and 7th floors high off pcp, I saw a baby fall from the 8th when I was really young, that was sad. Some of the crimes that went on in the high rise u just couldnt make up. Have u ever seen the Wire on HBO? Thats Temple Courts but living in the high rise was more gritty than the wire.

    It also had good fun moments, to this day I still crack up at things we used to do. I miss the block parties, the old heads drinking, playing bones and bid wisk. Aww man I miss playing QB for the youngins yelling “Horse I’m open”. I miss those days just hanging out on the block chilling, laughing, and joking. Man we had fun.

    I Love u Temple Courts!!!! 33K for life, Rest in Paradise…