ICE barriers relocated

Lots of activity around the Chester A. Arthur Builing (CAAB) since the Immigrations and Customs Enforcements Agency (ICE) moved to SW DC. Cranes have been removing items from the roof, Eye Street has been torn up, and today the planter barriers are being relocated.

Forklift operator moving barrier

Barriers realigned along K Street following the perimeter of parking lot

I’m very glad to see the barriers relocated as I detested them. The barriers along Eye Street were in the street taking up roadway. The barriers also obstructed the view of 4th Street southbound traffic for vehicles stopped at Eye Street’s eastbound stop sign. Additionally relocating the barriers along 4th Street will get us one step closer to DDOT’s plan to convert this road to two-way use in 2009.

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    IMGoph says

    any time a city street is changed from one way to two way, it’s a time for celebration. all of this is going to go a long way towards fully utilizing the true urban character of your neighborhood to its utmost advantages. congrats!