Park Improvements at 2nd and Mass (update)

UPDATE (11/21/2008 3:30pm) – MVT Bill says copies of the volunteer commitment letters have been left at the lobby desks of the Madrigal and Sonata buildings. 12 signatures are needed by Tuesday the 25th.

I’ve got an update from DPR and the MVT CID on the proposed improvements for the park at 2nd, Mass and H Streets.

Rendering for proposed improvements to park at 2nd, Mass and H

Jul 2008 Rendering from Dept or Park & Recs (DPR)

The MVT CID will be submitting a proposal to Casey Trees this month to donate and plant both large and small trees in the park, as well as some native groundcovers underneath the trees. If the proposal is approved by Casey Trees, planting will happen in the spring. ***** The CID needs two community members to pledge a commitment for each of the six trees, contact to help. ***** The commitment is minimal as the CID will be adding the watering responsibilities to the Clean Team if funding for irrigation cannot be secured.

DPR’s proposed plan also involved salvaging materials from the Art Walk at the Old Convention Center site. These materials include benches, bike racks, trash cans and lights. The timeline for securing these materials depends on Hines Archstone staying on track for their redevelopment of the Old Convention Center site.

Lastly, DDOT is still set to provide grant money for moving the hardscape pieces from ArtWalk park, as well as fixing up the concrete, coping and the central circular wall. DPR is still looking for funding to pay for light installation and possibly irrigation for the site.

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  1. 1

    SG says

    Sounds super low-budge. I’d rather wait an extra year for it to be done right, rather than get a scrap heap of hand-me-downs and weird color patterns.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    I agree the color patterns are a little weird and it’s possible they won’t make it from the rendering to the final product anyway. But I think the hand me downs approach is good use of money. Major upgrades such as a statue or water fountain could one day come down the line from Louis Dreyfus who has the I-395 air rights. In the meantime the park could use a temporary upgrade.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    The River Birches are unlikely to live without an irrigation system (such as they have now at ArtWalk). The raised berms in the Triangle Park have no irrigation system; the ground will dry very quickly. As their name implies, River Birches are moisture loving trees; you may end up with a grove of unattractive dead trees.

  4. 4

    fourthandeye says

    Anon 14:10 – Thanks for your input. I know absolute zilch about landscaping. Just trusting DPR, the CID and Casey trees on that one… hope they have closely thought about the plant selection.

  5. 6

    Anonymous says

    FourthAndEye: The River Birches are probably being chosen because they are free-for-the-taking from the old convention center site, not becuase they are likely to survive. I suspect, unfortunately, that the DPR has little insentive to invest in maintenance after installation (e.g. running an irrigation system), the CID has no money dedicated to park infrastructure, and Casey Trees isn’t making the botanical selections. While I have volunteered to support the trees, unless the city is willing to do the installation correctly and budget for maintenance, it will be a wasted effort and leave the area looking worse than it does now. Anon 14:10