Second Annual Downtown Neighborhood Survey

The Second Annual Downtown Neighborhood Survey is being conducted now through December 26th. The survey collects demographic and purchasing behavior habits of people who live and/or work downtown. Your privacy remains protected as providing your name is not required.

This survey is invaluable to the Downtown Neighborhood to attract retailers to our area. Most national and regional retailers rely heavily on marketing data that is modeled off of Census data. At this point Census data is over 8 years old and very stale. This is especially true for the District’s downtown which has undergone a transformation this decade. Anecdotally retailers know our area has transformed and is thriving but they aren’t always comfortable making that plunge without data to support the decision. This survey can bridge that gap.

The URL for the survey is

For the purposes of the survey, downtown is defined by the following map:

The report from last year’s survey can be found on the reports page of the DCDNA website.

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