MVT Crime Map – YTD

I’m traveling today – so now seemed like as good a time as any to post an update to the Year-to-Date MVT Crime Map (thru 10/28).

Courtesy of DC MPD’s Crime and Activity Statistics webpage I was able to create a Google Map of year-to-date crime activity in the Triangle. The MPD tool allows you to specify the details of your report. I exported the report as a KML file and then imported it into Google Maps.

The image above is a thumbnail of the Crime Map. For the full effect, click through to the Google Map. Once on the google map click on the pushpins for descriptions of the crimes. Most are theft from autos but there is a car jacking, a pair of muggings on 5th Street, and a few ADWs. For help deciphering the shorthand notation in the descriptions or other general knowledge behind MPD’s crime maps, please visit the DC MPD Crime Incidents Abstract.

Note: While the number of year-to-date MVT crime incidents on the map may seem high – many neighborhoods had exponentially many more. The Downtown BID had more year-to-date incidents then the KML export tool could even output.

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