Urban Turf features City Vista

Urban Turf had a recent feature on City Vista.

Interesting excerpt about the parking:

The development has two levels of underground parking reserved for residents. Depending on the unit, a space is included in the list price. Some of the spaces are tandem spots (where cars are parked back to back) which means that it would be helpful if the owners knew one another.

Can any City Vista readers elaborate on these tandem spots?

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    Kimberly says

    1. As of the last time I checked, parking spot pricing is not included in the price of the unit, however certain condos are allocated a parking spot which they have the option to purchase.
    2. Tandem spots are available for purchase but are not shared by owners of two different condos; instead an owner can purchase a tandem spot and use for their 2 cars, or perhaps rent out one of the two tandem spots, although they should probably exchange keys with their tenant to ensure that they are not blocked in.