Mayhood presentation on Madrigal Lofts

This morning I attended the PQNA breakfast meeting that featured presentations on the Mount Vernon Triangle. The room at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre was packed with over 100 attendees. It was good to promote awareness of the Triangle to a wider base.

Much of the talked about planned development was redundant for me of course, but I am a data junkie and enjoyed David Mayhood’s presentation. Here are some stats Mayhood presented regarding sales at the Madrigal Lofts.

Mayhood explained that the skew towards Male among singles is a likely by product of the area still being a transitional neighborhood. He suggested that if instead we examined a new condo smack in the middle of Penn Quarter the % females would likely be over 50%.

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  1. 1

    PQS says

    Interesting stats. How many units are still for sale at the Madrigal? Also, was there any discussion around the future development along 3rd st and K st that’s part of the Mt. Vernon Place plan by QDC? Thanks for the post!

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    I learned a few strategic tidbits about Mt Vernon Place but specifics on timelines wasn’t of them. I don’t think they even know. I’ll write more on this tomorrow or in a scheduled post for Saturday.

  3. 4

    Joe says

    I am interested in buying a unit in Madrigal. Any info on how many units are left for sale? I am wondering whether it will stay as condo given the market and other buildings such as Dumon going rental.

  4. 5

    fourthandeye says


    I’m not sure precisely the what % sold Madrigal is. Might be 70% overall and maybe a higher % sold than that for 1 bedrooms. In terms of % occupied the building is a shade under 50% and close to earning our second board member position.

    Madrigal can’t go apartment at this point and I doubt it will go coop either. DuMont is a different story because no one has settled a unit there. One if not both of the DuMont buildings may go rental.