Quick poll on local voting habits

I am curious how people vote on local D.C. politics.

Ward 6 Sample Ballot taken from DCBOEE Voter’s Guide:

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  1. 1

    acquends says

    I got to the Chinese Community Church at 7:10am and didn’t finish the voting process until 8:30. Bring something to read!

  2. 2

    RobA says

    It took 2 hours this morning to get through Walker-Jones. I started in line at 7:30 am and finally walked out at 9:30 am. Took 1 hour outside in line and then almost another hour in the A-C line to get my ballot. The other lines were moving *much* quicker – and the Precinct Captain refused to move another volunteer into that position to move things along.

  3. 3

    fourthandeye says

    Took me about 70 minutes at Precinct 143. I saw Miles Groves from the DNA volunteering at the polls.

  4. 4

    PQS says

    I showed up at the Chinese Community Church at 7:10 as well and just kept on walking when I saw the line. I’m going to try again after work. Crazy!