How to be less anonymous

Readership and comments have steadily increased on the Triangle over the past several months. While the blog will continue to allow Anonymous comments and not enable moderation unless trolling becomes an issue I encourage readers to consider being less Anonymous with their comments. It can be cumbersome to carry on discussions with 3 different people who posted as Anonymous.

I wanted to point out that it is not necessary to create a blogger identity to post with an quasi-identity. Just click on the Name/URL toggle button and provide a name. It doesn’t have to be a revealing name. Perhaps just your first name, a nickname or a handle (i.e. 301MassGuy).

Like I said, I have no plans to make this required. I did want to encourage it as I feel it will aid discussions in individual postings and create more overall identity within this community blog on the whole.

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  1. 1

    Cozmot says

    I think this is entirely reasonable. I would hate to see this blog become like that other downtown blog which not only moderates, but applies silly rules. The Triangle is, hands down, the best blog covering what’s going on in the downtown area. It’s essential reading. Kudos for doing such a great job!

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    Thanks for your support Cozmot.

    I do think PQLiving (along with JDland, Frozen Tropics and Prince of Petworth) represent the gold standard for DC neighborhood blogs. They have great content and excellent community participation. I would like to mirror PQLiving’s model of multiple contributors some day.

    Each blog will develop it’s own vibe and will have it’s own challenges. Prince of Petworth never seems to moderate individual comments but he will close down threads. PQLiving elects to moderate according to guidelines that have only the best intentions of maintaining an enjoyable, educational, fun and orderly place for the discussion of topics.

    The Triangle hasn’t yet encountered a situation where moderation is necessary (knock on wood). But I don’t believe in anything goes mantra and would moderate if I saw ad hominem attacks or other divisive comments. It’s ok to disagree with an idea but we should always be constructive and civil.

  3. 3

    Chris 555 Mass Ave says

    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know I didn’t have to be annonomous if I didn’t have google/blogger or OpenID.

  4. 5

    Cozmot says


    You’re being very generous in applying the gold standard to PQLiving. I’ll respectfully disagree.

    Someone recently commented on the conspicuous lack of attribution to the Downtown Neighborhood Association for its role in getting the city to address the mobs of teens overrunning downtown. PQLiving only referred to the DNA as a civic organization. I don’t know what’s going on between them, but something seems to be. PQLiving answered with a strange reference to a forthcoming “op-ed.” Whatever the case, I agree with the commenter that this did not serve the community well.

    I do agree with you about each blog developing its own vibe. Yours is more professional and akin to a real-time Washington Business Journal for the neighborhood.

  5. 6

    onemoremile says

    Cozmot is right on with PQ Living. I enjoyed reading the blog until I became a "blogger". Not sure who screens the comments for posting but I've noticed many of my comments that may differ the author's don't get posted. They are written respectively and I try to give a view to an opposing side but bottom line is if you differ in thought, you don't get posted. You are much more fair and open for residents to express themselves. Keep it up!!!

  6. 7

    FourthandEye says

    I do have comment moderation setup for threads older than two weeks. That's mainly to combat spam from bots.