Citypaper: D.C. Brunch Culture Sucks

Washington City Paper rants against brunch options in the district. Complaints range from too expensive, mimosas are gross, to the writer despising that people get dressed up for what she believes should be a casual meal.

Since when did brunch become a stressor? Are we that Type A? I hope someone takes her to that new Jim Carey movie when it comes out. She might also want to try brunch at Busboys. I have and really enjoyed it. French Toast & Hot Chocolate. Mmmmm.

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  1. 1

    pqresident says

    I was at Busboys this Sunday for the first time and I really, really liked it. the food was a fine value and being on the patio in the sun warmed me up. the place was humming by 11 am with brunch patrons.

    Busboys has a new fan…me!

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    No, City Paper just sucks. They have really juvenile writers who bitch about how “mainstream” DC is… get a life, folks. Brunch culture here is better than most big cities, and no, you don’t have to dress up for it, or even go in the first place.

    I think they’re bitter that their angsty newpaper is going out of business… maybe a better rag will fill the void.

    As for brunches, M Street Bar and Grill and Beacon Bar and Grill are the best… delicious brunch with all you can drink bloodies and mimosas included in the price ($26). McFaddens in Gtown is even cheaper and offers the same deal.