SE corner of 6th and K NW

In yesterday’s post about the MVT CID newsletters their was a highlight on the 6th and K Auto Market. In the comments Si pointed us to a rendering from MRP that represents their plans for the parcel that includes the Auto Market.

Screen capture of a rendering on

The Auto Market lot is just asphalt, a trailer and a sign that is an icon among D.C. photographers. South of a Auto Market lot, bridging to the Hampton Inn, are three 3 story Victorian row houses.

MRP’s rendering does not incorporate the Victorians and these building are slightly outside the Historic District. These 3 buildings seem more distinguished and better maintained than several of the properties in the historic district like the old Fun Fair Video location. Does anyone know what was leveled to build the Hampton Inn and 555 Mass?

It’s unfortunate that the old buildings possibly worth preserving are so scattered throughout the Triangle. Had there been a nice continuous cluster of interesting old buildings rather than disjointed scattered sites then preservation might yield a better outcome both aesthetically and financially.

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  1. 1

    IMGoph says

    it is a shame. there has to be some way those buildings can be saved, or at least integrated into a project. it’s been done before downtown, there’s no reason it can’t be done here.

  2. 2

    si says

    it sucks but im pretty sure its a done deal to tear em down. the preservation league has been working to save the few teeth left in the triangle – a difficult task. I hope the developer would at least salvage the materials, maybe donate to community forklift?
    It is a good example of arbitrary HP decisions. they give their blessing to level 3 perfectly good rowhouses but force Bozutto to build a glass high rise on top of a featureless brick box that isnt even that old. just bizaare imho…

    this one is progressing at a snails pace & with the economic situation, who knows what'll happen.

  3. 4

    Mr. Q says

    Si –

    Did they have a timeframe prior to the current economic situation? Did they have financing lined up already or other hurdles to overcome?

    Unrelated – does anyone know what the current economic situation is doing to Roadside and O Street Market’s plans??

  4. 5

    Anonymous says

    What a tragedy if these are knocked down!! Can’t they move them? It has been done before, I think that should have been a requirement here…

  5. 6

    fourthandeye says

    @Anon 10:06: Good call – I forgot that all those map sites have satellite images are from the early part of the decade. Yes, it does look like those lots were surfacing parking.

  6. 7

    si says

    Mr. Q im not sure, i got the 3rd hand impression that the developer was reassessing the mix and that was maybe 6 months ago.

    as far as Roadside, I am really afraid to ask. But they may be able to work it out as they are getting substantial TIF from the city.

    btw for some old shots & historic info for the triangle & other areas check out
    there is one pic of the hampton inn being built…its a neat site

  7. 8

    DCRay says

    At minimum, I hope they get to keep the awesome 6t & K Auto sign in place… that is one of my favorites – so nostalgic!

  8. 9

    Anonymous says

    OK folks – to play devil’s advocate here, not EVERY historic building is worth saving or should be saved. The idea of historic preservation is to save representative examples of architecture styles from different periods for posterity so we can have an idea of what buildings once looked like. The idea is not to save EVERY building. These buildings, while nice, are represented in many other places in the city, and therefore they don’t have historic preservation status. Our neigbhorhood is not where historians are going to go for an architectural history lesson. That said, I’m glad there are SOME preserved buildings in the Triangle, and I’m much more interested in preserving the historic garages and stables than the victorian houses. Unfortunately, most of those were destroyed in the aftermath of the race riots.

  9. 10

    DG-rad says

    the problem with these buildings is that their low hight make a Giant blank wall on the building next door that much more visible. (yes, obviously they were there first.. but fact is that building is there now)

    their context has been lost, sadly, but the new building will at least hide the giant blank space.

  10. 11

    DG-rad says

    if they can’t be saved, there should be a campaign to save their building materials: bricks, slate roof, brownstones, etc.

    I know Community Forklift accepts this stuff..

    my word verification for this comment is “unhot”. Sort of like how unhot it is that these buildings are being completely erased.