Demolition on 3rd Street

Demolition has begun on a 3 story building on the 900 block of 3rd Street NW. A chain link fence was erected to surround the perimeter of the addresses 908 to 914 during the last week or so. The permit to raze the building was obtained earlier this month.

Demolition of 914 3rd St NW
This parcel of land, across the street from Mount Carmel Baptist Church, is part of the Mount Vernon Place development.

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  1. 1

    PQS says

    Any word on when they’ll start the next phase of the Mount Vernon Place development? Is this the start of the K St Office complex? I’d also love to see Church Square before I move out of the area.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    @PQS – That’s an interesting question. The MVT CID project page for the 300 K Street office building state groundbreaking will be in Spring 2009. That is just an estimate by the CID and not to be taken as fact. Those project pages are not frequently updated.

    The developers for Mount Vernon Place, Wilkes/QDC, don’t strike me as the type to build an office building in this economic climate without an anchor tenant signed on. But that is just total speculation. I have little idea where they are at with financing, zoning, etc.. Has anyone who’s lived in the ‘hood longer than I have ever seen any presentations from them on zoning for the K Street portions of MVP in the past?

  3. 3

    Douglas A. Willinger says

    Were these buildings occupied; or where they primarily abandoned as were those along the north side of New York Avenue to the east of North Capitol Street that DC Mayor A Williams posed with a bulldozer a few years back?

    I added a link to your blog at A Trip Within The Beltway, given that its about a neighborhood near I-395.