Residential Permit Parking in MVT

555 Mass residents have begun to receive Zone 6 Residential Parking Permits this year after being denied in the past for “not being in the system“. However the permits themselves aren’t useful without the appropriate signage along the curbs.

Using a downloadable KMZ file from the DC GIS Data website I have acquired the data to map Residential Permit Parking Blocks. The dataset was sourced by DDOT and contains “polylines” and the metadata states the last update was 2/5/2008. I imported the KMZ file into Google Earth, made the polylines thicker and red, then saved the JPG image you see below.

Residential Permit Parking blocks in/near MVT
There is a disconnect between what residents have emailed me regarding blocks they believe to be intended for parking and what this map represents. For instance I’ve been told the 200 thru 500 blocks of K Street should be RPP blocks.

As the Mount Vernon Triangle transforms from a sea of surface parking lots to a residential community more RPP designated blocks may be in order. While I haven’t studied the issue in great depth my initial gut feeling is that K Street is not the right street for RPP expansion. With the retail on K Street you need short term parking not residential permit parking. Thoughts?

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    Hi – This is very encouraging information. I tried to do this but I’m technically challenged. Could I seek further help please? I went to my city/ward website and noted they have GIS maps. but I dont see any KMZ files, just zip files.And they dont have KMZ in there either. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    When you say “my city/ward website” are you talking about a city other than DC? If so thats out of my realm of knowledge and you should reach out to your local municipal government…