Potential for NPR site? Look to 901 New York Ave

Earlier today I mentioned the purchase of NPR’s Headquarters building by Boston Properties and the arrangement the two parties have.

While any redevelopment of the site is way off (post-2012) it’s still interesting to speculate on the potential for the NPR site. There is a roadmap of sorts as Boston Properties developed 901 New York Avenue NW which is just one block away occupying a near identical lot of land.

PURPLE=901 New York Ave; RED=NPR Site

The Madison Retail Group states the building has 27,365 square feet of ground floor retail and lists as retail tenants as Chevy Chase Bank, Lawsons Grille, Starbucks, Bright Horizons Daycare and Acadiana Restaurant. The primary office space tenant is the law firm Goodwin Procter LLP.

NY Ave in the Morning

901 New York Avenue NW photo by flickr user M.V. Jantzen

Architectural firm Davis Carter Scott describes the property the following way :

901 New York Avenue presented Davis Carter Scott with a unique and rare opportunity to place its signature design on an entire city block in the District of Columbia. 140 foot towers incase glass curtain walls and cast stone to create a classic building with modern undertones. The large structure is broken up by an expansive three story lobby that features a polished stone floor, wood accent walls and a vaulted ceiling with metal arch-shaped trusses. A crystal clear glass finish on the ground floor provides street views through the building to both New York Ave and K street. Creating a unique, panoramic-like view of the expansive city block in this up-and-coming area of the district.

The design of 901 New York Avenue lends itself to both large corporate and public sector uses. The building contains a total of 547,000 SF on eleven floors with 4 levels of underground parking. The ground floor provides prime retail spaces and white cloth restaurants, while the expansive 49,000 SF floorplate, 40’ x 20’ column spacing and 9 foot high finished ceilings for corporate use. Because the building occupies an entire city block, tenants will have prominent city views for up to 80 perimeter offices. Two separate elevator and mechanical cores allow flexibility for tenants with full or partial floor requirements.

This signature building offered some unique challenges as well. Situated between K Street and New York Avenue on a massive site, 901 New York Avenue presented non-typical design challenges. Each corner of the site differed in elevation by as much as 8 feet, which made it difficult to design entry points and retail access on the ground floor. Breaking up such an expansive space, and creating an attractive and inviting streetscape, was made possible though the use of innovative materials and design. Davis Carter Scott overcame the challenges to provide a new Class – A building in the heart of Washington D.C.

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    Cozmot says

    What an intriguing thought. This could be a mirror image of 901 New York Ave, which by all measures seems to have paid off for the developer. Perhaps the only good thing about redevelopment for the NPR not starting until 2012 or later is that the deep recession we’re facing may be over by then and there will be capital to do this. Presumably so, at least.