Save the Date: Community walk with Tommy Wells

UPDATED (10/07/2008 10:20AM): Date for the Tommy Wells Community walk through has been changed to Thursday, November 6th.

D.C. Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells will join Mount Vernon Triangle residents for a Community Walk through at 6pm on Wednesday October 22nd 6pm on Thursday November 6th. The walk starts at the 555 Mass condominium. This is a followup to last year’s walk which is recapped on Tommy’s blog.

Picture taken from Tommy Wells blog

Following last year’s walk Wells made repeated requests to the National Park Service to improve lighting at the pocket park at 5th Street and Massachusetts Ave NW. With the federal agency not responding, Tommy asked DDOT to step in.

Last year’s event was coordinated by Thais Austin of 555 Mass.

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