New Poll: City Vista Restaurant?

I’ve added a new poll to a sidebar as a followup to our City Vista retail discussion. It’s impossible to represent all choices – so I ask readers to select the item that most closely represents what you would endorse. While this poll is just for fun please weigh factors beyond the cravings of your taste buds to items such as likelihood for the business to succeed, synergy with the goals of City Vista as retail destination, and whether the business could be a good neighbor to the residences above.

Lauriol Plaza

Photo of Lauriol Plaza by flickr user MD Route 5

Below I’ve linked to a few restaurants of each type. That is just a general quick point of reference of places readers may be familiar with and by no means suggesting these businesses represent the best of the choices.

Which option most closely resembles a restaurant choice you would endorse for City Vista?

UPDATE (10/3/2008 9:13 AM): I had to reset the poll to add one more option – sorry to the one reader who’s vote was lost.
UPDATE (10/3/2008 1:00 PM): Added photo, all text posts are so drab!

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