BID Smackdown

Over the weekend I participated in three development tours as part of WalkingtownDC. I wanted to see how the Mount Vernon Triangle stacked up against other two “young” BIDs in the city: the Capitol Riverfront and NoMA. (Note: MVT is technically a CID)

Quick Facts
Category Mt Vernon
Size 30 acres 500 acres 350 acres
Key Attractions Walkable to Downtown, Convention Center Nationals Park, Anacostia Riverfront, Navy Yard Union Station
Stations *
3 stations:
Gallery Place
Mt Vernon Sq
Judiciary Sq
1 station:
Navy Yard
2 stations:
Union Station
New York Ave
Lines *
Red, Green, Yellow Green Red
* = Metro within boundaries or within 5 blocks of core intersection

As you can see, the Triangle is the David to the Capitol Riverfront’s Goliath at less than 1/10 the acreage of the other two BIDs.

These three BIDs each have plans to create a pedestrian friendly mixed use community of office, residential and retail with high density development. While parallels are clearly present in the over arching goals, differences are visible in terms of the assets each brings the the table, current progress and future plans. Over the course of the week I’ll recap my breakdown of each BID’s relative strengths.

Next up: Capitol Riverfront

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