WalkingTownDC Fall 2008 edition – my itinerary

On Tuesday I trumpeted up this weekend’s big event: WalkingTownDC. I had a conflict in the Spring and wasn’t able to participate in that session and before that I didn’t even know about it. :(

It’s been difficult for me to choose an itinerary. So many of the options I have interest in conflict with each other in that 10am-noon range. The Florida Market tour is one I would really like to attend. However I’ve been following the Near Southeast: Ballpark and Beyond blog for many years and I don’t think I can pass up the opportunity to take the Capitol Riverfront tour to associate stories with the land.

My tentative itinerary is as follows:

  • 8:30-10am: Mount Vernon Triangle Development Tour
  • 10:30-noon: Capitol Riverfront: The Neighborhood around the Ballpark
  • 3pm-5pm: Washington Waterfront (75% chance I bail on this one due to tour OD)


  • noon-1:30pm: From the Beatles to XM Radio: The Evolution of NoMA

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    fourthandeye says

    Great MVT tour by Bill. He's like a celebrity on these streets – we rarely walked more than a block without someone waving to him. I also enjoyed meeting fellow area residents & readers like Adam from CityVista.