Safeway: How much did you save?

This weekend our brand new Safeway has been offering deep discounts on selected items and 10% off orders of $50 or more with use of a Club Card. How much have you saved?

I haven’t even dipped into my coupon book, didn’t buy any big ticket meat items, didn’t take the free dozen eggs, yet I saved $44 (28%).

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    PQS says

    This was the first weekend since I’ve lived in the city (almost 2 years) that I didn’t get in my car. All thanks to Safeway. I took advantage of the free canvas bags they were handing out at Arts on Foot and did all of my shopping. We even went both days b/c we were so excited and saved 40%+ each time. WE LOVE IT!

  2. 3

    Howard says

    We went there yesterday. Between the shelf sales, the club card savings and the coupons they mailed us, we saved about 47%. That’s right. We spent about $160 and only paid $80 something. Best. Deal. Ever. And you may be tempted to say that most stores overcharge and then give you a “discount” but we definitely got our money’s worth.