First impressions of the City Vista Safeway

First impression of the new Safeway: Outstanding

Check out the Flickr set, read the Yelp Reviews, PQLiving’s writeup, and, most of all SHOP, as the promotional sales are amazing right now.

I’m a little too burnt out to write a master piece review right now. So I’ll just run off some facts on the Safeway.

  • Largest Produce area in the Safeway’s eastern division including exotic fruit.
  • Will receive new fresh deliveries 7 days a week
  • Store has a full-service scratch bakery. You can special order breads shaped like crabs and gators. =)
  • Two aisles of wine and a full-time wine steward
  • Safeway’s first full-service nut bar
  • Prepared foods including hot foods, sushi, olive bar, soup, etc..
  • Meat department will marinate your meat upon request – free of charge
  • 6 Self Check out stations
  • Floral department with balloon station
  • Starbucks and Bergmann’s cleaners
  • Special shopping carts for parents with kids that are equipped with videos
  • Standard shopping carts have wheels that lock if you try to remove them from premises
  • Coinmaster (also Lotto eventually)
  • Management has an extensive secret shopper program to evaluate employees.
  • Access to underground parking via escalator and elevators
  • Store hours will be 5AM to Midnight
  • Store will employ 150 almost exclusively from Zipcode 20001 and adjacent ZIPs

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  1. 2

    DCRay says

    Becuase the Dumont is a figment of everyone’s imagination 😉 I wish you were over your two years MBG, you’re going to miss out on all the fun that’s about to start! Wish us luck!

  2. 3

    Kimberly says

    There are still plenty of units available for sale in City Vista! We look forward to moving there next month!

  3. 4

    mediocre bad guy says

    I’m in love. I just went grocery shopping and am seriously jealous that I can’t shop there on a regular basis NOW.