ANC 6C meeting Wednesday night at Newseum

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C
Wednesday, September 10, 7pm
Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Knight Conference Center, 8th Floor

Call to order
Approval of agenda
Approval of July minutes
Treasurer’s report
July report
Quarterly report: April through June 2008
New business: approval of business cards (Comm. Silver); SMD web maintenance fee (Comm. Velasco)

Brief community announcements

  • DC Bike Event September 27 – Sheba Faren or Rick Bauman
  • AIDS Walk Washington 2008 – Kevin Reynolds
  • Mt. Vernon Triangle BID – Bill McLeod
  • New Ward 6 Planner in the Office of Planning – Melissa Bird
  • ANC 6C next meeting date change – October 7 due to Yom Kippur

Old Business

Youth and Education Committee report (Comm. Hamilton)

  • Meeting schedule
  • List of committee members
  • Letter from SPNA scholarship recipient

Public Safety Committee report (Comm. Dixon)

Licensing Committee report (Comm. Dixon)

  • Wagamama, 418 7th St. NW stipulated license – Beverly Bering
  • Bud and Papa, Inc. (Layla Lounge) – protest hearing October 14
  • Top Shelf voluntary agreement

Transportation Committee report (Comm. Phelps)

  • Marriott, 1325 Second St. NE (6C04), Public Space application for driveways, etc.
  • Traffic Study for Stanton Park
  • Northeast Library intersection
  • Second and G Streets NE crosswalk and traffic sign – update
  • 490 L St. NW – update, Comms. Silver and Dixon
  • Fifth and H Streets NE
  • Closing of portion of G Street NW

Zoning and Planning Committee report (Comm. Velasco)

  • Air rights over 395 NW
  • informational briefing, Anthony Noble
  • 219 M St NW – Primal Fitness to address building damage, Mark Toorock (hearing Sept. 9?)
  • Proposed gasoline station 1400 Maryland Ave NE (ANC 6A)
  • 1238 New Jersey Ave NW, BZA #17814; 1242 New Jersey Ave NW, BZA # 17813 to convert single-family home each to 4-unit elderly housing (hearings October 7 and Sept. 23, respectively) – Don Madden
  • Gateway Market and Residences – update
  • Proposed new height regulation, City-wide
  • Proposed firearms sale regulation, City-wide

New Business


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  1. 3

    fourthandeye says

    I would like to. But it is all still so early that it doesn’t seem they are distributing materials. They do plan to restore F Street to the grid. G Street cannot be restored as a street but they still hope to restore it as a vista.

    Rob from the MVSNA attended both ANC meetings this month including the zoning meeting. He absorbed more of the details than I did and sent me this in an email:

    As they stated tonight, they are first submitting the master plan for the entire site and also the plan for the Phase 1 building at Mass Ave. The 395 entry/exit ramps would be re-aligned along 3rd Street (and 2nd Street) to go from street level to below grade to intersect with 395 in a more linear fashion and the 3rd Street entrance would be completely below grade by the time it reached the G Street intersection. The G Street instersection would be restored (as much as possible since the Federal building does jut into the right of way, nd then continue into a pedestrian walkway across over to 2nd Street (where it is already a plaza at the GW Law School property). At last week’s meeting there was a discussion about pulling the Law School’s permission to use the right-of-way to DC and return the full G Street vista.

    Phase 2 would include the rebuilding of the rectory annex and the Jewish synagoge as well as additional office space, retail, and housing. There were multiple levels of parking and all deliveries to all of the complex is done below grade. In addition, the building is planned to be certified “platinum” in terms of being a green building – and part of that includes filtering the air from the underground 395 through exhaust stacks … and collecting all runoff water as grey water for the complex.

    More details should be unveiled by Dreyfus over the coming months.

  2. 5

    Anonymous says

    Just out of curiosity, did they mention the height of the planned Phase 1 building at Mass Ave.?