Douglas Development possibilities for Square 450/451

Continuing our coverage of Douglas Development’s plans for Square 450 and Square 451, today’s post highlights past press clippings about potential development.

From the Washington Post (9/12/2007):

(V)isionary developer Douglas Jemal, who has acquired control of two blocks of Seventh Street on the other side of the convention center, is eager to include a boutique hotel as part of a development that also includes a cinema complex, live music venues, restaurants, bars and shops.

From the Washington Post (9/24/2007):

Developer Douglas Jemal has drawn up designs to create office space, retail shops and a boutique hotel on two city blocks just east and southeast of the center, on Seventh Street. A series of small hotels within walking distance of the convention center would serve it well, Jemal said.

Standing on the corner of Mount Vernon Place and Seventh Street, Jemal pointed toward the delegates streaming down the front steps of the convention center.

“You see people walking in and out of the convention center, just like a mall, walking in and out, and no one interacting with each other,” Jemal said. “Walk two blocks south [towards Chinatown and the Verizon Center] and you have life. What we want to do is give people the urban experience, give them a reason for wanting to come to the convention center because they know they can go out and enjoy themselves.”

A boutique hotel seems to be clearly part of the plan and it makes sense given the proximity to the Convention Center. Restaurants and Retail make sense as they can serve both convention goers and the neighborhood. I was surprised to see mention of a Cinema complex given the proximity to the Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14 and E Street Cinema. Having an entertainment attraction in the complex would be outstanding but I don’t see the need for another cinema in this location.

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