The Waffle Shop

Last fall Douglas Jemal and preservationists sparred over the razing of The Waffle Shop on 10th St NW. The 57 year old diner with 1950’s style decor stood in the way of a Douglas Development office project. An amicable solution was reached between the parties as Jemal agreed to save the Waffle Shop from the wrecking ball by taking it apart brick by brick to eventually reassemble it on another property he owns.

Waffle Shop

photo from Mr. T in DC

Marc Fisher has speculated that most likely destination is at New York Avenue and Sixth streets NW. This would fall in either of the Square 450 and Square 451 locations we’ve talked so much about.

In the meantime, the Washingtonpost reports, that proprietors Hai and Sue Ngo, have moved their menu a few doors down the block to the Lincoln House restaurant.

Note: I realize this isn’t breaking news. I’m reporting it as part of a larger series that recaps all the stories related to Square 450/451.

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    si says

    Its nice to be reminded of things like this cause when i think of Jemal, usually steam comes out of my ears. I love the Waffle Shop & would be absolutely elated if Douglas brings it our way.