Square 451

Douglas Development has been aiming to assemble most (if not all) of Square 451 for a mixed use project.

Below is a screencap of results from the DC Real Property Assessment Database for Square 451.

Double click image to enlarge

Lots of Douglas Jemal entries. It’s possible Douglas Development plans to build around the 6th Street properties owned by Chumpitazi. The same may also be true for 600/606 New York Ave as that is the corner of New York and 6th. However the hold out of 628 New York Ave will likely keep this paralyzed.

Update (8/27/2008 8:00PM): Image of 628 New York Ave.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    Wow, are those assessed values what they are going to have to pay taxes on? If so, that might entice a few of those landholders to sell…

  2. 2

    si says

    He is amassing sq 450 as well & envisions an "entertainment district" but plans have been delayed of course as they keep trying to acquire the property. (boutique hotels, restaurants, madame tussaudish attractions)

    I'm pretty sure the doctor sold, there is the 1 hold out at 628, hes a sweet guy.

    DD oddly doesnt pay much vacant property taxes. but even stranger, the assessments were all jacked up 5-10x in the past year or so. (why warehouse semi-closed)